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Children who have lost both their parents (to COVID / disease / accident / old age) and are taken care of by immediate family, relatives, or guardian(s)

Single Parented

Children who are taken care of by single mothers (deceased husband, abandoned, separated, divorced)

Breadwinner Lost Job

Breadwinner lost job/earning due to COVID/other reasons (physical/mental ailment, accidents, etc.)


Families where both the breadwinners/caregivers are alive & the annual family income is < 2.5 LPA

Support children to get back to school and a chance for a brighter future!

While schools & colleges are finally reopening for children, many never went back.

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have caused many children to lose their mother or father or both parents and face economic suffering.

These under-privileged children lost track of learning, got trapped in child marriage and had to take up jobs to supplement the family income.

YOU can change this!

How will my donation help?

Bhumi is striving to sponsor school and college education for as many children from underprivileged backgrounds as possible by providing them with scholarships. Your donation will help to provide education to one such deserving child.
Bhumi works towards the goal to make sure financial constraints never prevent any child from getting education.

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I love going to school and studying. I am also interested in drawing and painting. I was able to attend school last year and study because of Bhumi’s help. I want to be a doctor in the future.

Maisara’s Mother

I have no words to express my happiness. I am very thankful to Bhumi for providing my child with a scholarship. We are immersed in the kindness and generosity of Bhumi NGO. I have gone through so many difficulties. Every day is a challenge for me now. Your kindness is helping me to face those challenges. Thank you, Bhumi

Monika’s Father

The scholarship received from Bhumi was a blessing for my child. I was distraught and clueless about how to pay her fees, and that was when we received help. Monika works very hard, and I am sure she will get an excellent percentage in her annual exams this year. I would like to extend my gratitude towards Bhumi as the financial support received was immensely helpful for my daughter.


I am extremely thankful to Bhumi for not just offering me support but for doing it continuously, year after year. In a world where even your relatives think twice about helping you, Bhumi openly extended their arms to us. Thank you so much for helping me pursue an education of my choice & aspiration, Bhumi.


I’m so happy that they gave me a scholarship in this difficult time. I will never forget the timely help I got. If I complete my MBA, I believe I can go forward in life, my lifestyle and the situation at home will improve, and I will be able to spend money to take care of my mother. I’m the first one to be awarded a degree in my family. When I doubted I could finish my UG, Bhumi gave me the confidence that I could even pursue and complete my PG degree with their scholarship. They are truly helpful, and for that, I want to thank Bhumi.

Simran's Sister

The scholarship received from Bhumi during the last year was very helpful. My sister was able to focus on her studies and write her board exams

Jenitha’s Family

We are thankful to Bhumi for helping us to send our daughter for studies. We are encouraged to be hopeful and not worry anymore as long as kind people surround us. Our Jenitha is also very thankful to Bhumi. She understands that a group of people called Bhumi is helping her to attend school. My family & I are thankful to Bhumi.


Are donations to Bhumi tax exempt?

Yes - Donations to Bhumi are tax exempted under 80G in India & 501(c)(3) in the USA.
● Donate via ‘Donate (INR)’ to claim 50% tax exemption in India.
● Donate via ‘Donate (Other Currency)’ to claim tax exemption in the USA

How will I get a tax exemption receipt for my donation?

Donation receipts will be shared by email - To the email address provided while making the donation.
In case if you have not received an acknowledgement/confirmation or receipt after successful donation, please write to us: [email protected].

I received a transaction failure message. However, my bank account was debited for the same

Most of the time, the amount debited is automatically reversed by the payment gateway. However, if you have received a payment successful message from the payment gateway, please contact us > [email protected], we’ll provide necessary support

How can I Volunteer with Bhumi?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Bhumi. Please register via